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Twigs Story

Here is where our story begins. Twig still has special needs, but they are manageable. Please read his story and remember that life is fragile. Animals are not meant to be thrown away like garbage. We are stewards of those who cannot speak for themselves.

twig beat up.jpeg

Life seemed to slow down on the highway in the scorching heat of a blistering August day in Texas. The air shimmered with the heat, and the sun relentlessly beat down on the asphalt. Fate intervened amidst this unforgiving environment, bringing together two unsuspecting travelers and a fragile, tiny life.

We noticed something peculiar as we cruised down the highway on our way to the next town over. A small, helpless creature lay in the middle of the road, tumbling like a discarded toy. A pang of sympathy struck us as we realized it was a kitten, barely ten days old, with its eyes not yet fully opened.

Without hesitation, we pulled over, our tires crunching on the gravel shoulder of the highway. Hurrying towards the kitten, my husband Pete noticed it had suffered unimaginable horrors. Its delicate jaw was broken, and its tail hung limp. Other kittens were scattered nearby, victims of the same heartless act, but this little survivor was the only one still clinging to life.

Heartbroken, we cradled the fragile kitten in paper towels while we searched for a place to wash away the blood from his face; feeling the weight of its injuries, I took him into a nearby convenience store and bathed him under the cool water. In an act of empathy, Pete suggested taking the kitten home, if only to provide comfort and solace in its final moments. We named the kitten Twig.

Days turned into weeks, and the Texas heat persisted as Twig's broken body healed. We showered the kitten with love, providing gentle nourishment and round-the-clock care. We took him to the vet in an effort to save him if at all possible. Our bond grew stronger with each passing day, and Twig seemed to find strength in our unwavering devotion.

Twig defied all odds as his broken bones mended and his tiny body strengthened. What seemed like an impossible mission to save him had transformed into a beacon of hope. He became a symbol of resilience, a reminder that life could emerge victorious even in the darkest circumstances.

As the months passed, Twig transformed from a feeble, broken soul into a spirited and lively companion. His once-broken jaw now allowed him to purr contentedly. What was meant to be a temporary haven had miraculously transformed into a forever home.

We, who had initially anticipated a heartbreaking farewell, were now blessed with the most unexpected reward. Twig's will to survive not only defied medical odds but also touched our hearts in ways unimaginable. What started as a tale of despair blossomed into a triumphant story of love, resilience, and second chances.

In the heart of August, where the Texas heat threatened to overpower the feeble, a little kitten named Twig had found his purpose. And in turn, he had blessed the lives of two souls who had never anticipated the profound impact of a tiny, broken being.

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