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The Hard Side of Rescue

I do not have an official rescue anymore ,just a big heart. But at one time I did have an official 501c3 Rescue and it at times was really hard I just needed to vent a bit about the hard side of this admirable choice. There are a few reasons its hard for those who decide to take on such a large responsibility and I would like to touch on some of them here.

Animal rescue is an immensely rewarding but emotionally challenging endeavor. Those who dedicate their time and energy to rescuing animals understand that it is not always a success story. The harsh reality is that not every animal can be saved, despite our utmost efforts. In this blog post, we shed light on the difficulties we encounter during the rescue process, including the heartbreak of losing precious lives, the constant struggle to make room for new rescues, and the emotional toll of caring for special needs animals.

1. Not Being Able to Save Them All:

One of the most difficult aspects of animal rescue is accepting that we cannot save every animal. Despite our best intentions and efforts, there are limitations to what we can achieve. Every animal we are unable to save weighs heavily on our hearts. For instance, we recently experienced the loss of Mr. Kitty, a neonatal kitten who battled hydrocephalus. Despite our constant care and love, his condition was ultimately not survivable. Such losses remind us of our own limitations and the fragile nature of life.

Here is a memorial video for Mr. Kitty:

2. Getting Attached to Rescues:

When we rescue animals, we invest not only our time and resources but also our emotions. We name them, feed them, play with them, and grow attached to them. However, each animal we adopt ourselves means there is one less space available in our rescue for another in need. This creates a constant push and pull between our desire to provide a forever home for every animal we meet and the necessity of finding them loving homes elsewhere. It is emotionally exhausting to say goodbye, even knowing it is for their own good.

3. Caring for Special Needs Animals:

Many of the animals we end up keeping are those with special needs, often having severe medical conditions that are incurable. They require extensive care, time, and financial resources, all while having shorter life spans. While providing these deserving animals with a safe and loving environment is fulfilling, the looming knowledge of their limited time with us is heart-wrenching. Witnessing their suffering and eventual demise despite our best efforts takes an immense toll on our emotions and can leave us feeling drained.

Animal rescue is a noble pursuit, but it comes with its share of heartbreak and challenges. We struggle with the knowledge that we cannot save every animal and must make hard decisions regarding their future. The attachments we form with the animals we rescue make it even harder to say goodbye, as we recognize the importance of making room for new rescues. Additionally, caring for special needs animals, despite their shorter life spans, requires both emotional strength and financial resources. Despite these hardships, the passion for helping animals and the positive impact we make gives us hope and fuels our determination to continue in our mission.



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