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Cat Allergies? A New Cat Food to the Rescue!

Please Note: I am NOT an affiliate of Purina, and I am NOT receiving any compensation or endorsements from the Purina company. These are MY opinions and mine alone.

If you love cats but have allergies, you must hear my story about a new food that lets us keep our rescued cats!

Cat allergies can be incredibly debilitating and often lead to individuals avoiding contact with cats altogether. In the case of my husband, Pete, his allergies were so severe that even sitting in a chair where a cat owner had previously sat would make him sick. However, a tiny 10-day-old kitten named Twig changed everything. This blog post explores the challenges we faced due to cat allergies and the unexpected solution that allowed us to keep our beloved feline companion.

The Allergy Struggle

For years, Pete's cat allergies had made him resentful towards these furry creatures. He carried an inhaler specifically for cat dander and believed he could never truly enjoy the companionship of a cat. The mere presence of cat dander could trigger debilitating allergic reactions, which left Pete feeling miserable and reluctant to welcome cats into our home.

A Ray of Hope

Everything changed when we encountered Twig, a vulnerable kitten who had been thrown from a car and suffered severe injuries. Against all odds, he survived, and in an incredible twist of fate, bonded with Pete. As his caretakers, we were filled with joy seeing their special connection. However, Pete soon realized that his allergies would make it impossible for Twig to stay with us once he started grooming himself. As Cats learn to groom they secrete an enzyme from their salivary glands this enzyme is the cause of most cat allergies.

The Search for a New Home

Given Pete's allergies, we began the challenging task of finding a suitable home for Twig. However, Pete's discerning eye made it difficult for us to find the perfect match. Our hopes diminished as we considered parting with our beloved feline companion and the happiness he brought to our lives.

A Surprising Solution

A chance encounter with a pet store associate would change everything. As we discussed our situation, the associate recommended a new cat food called Purina Livewell, claiming it neutralized the enzyme responsible for allergies. Intrigued, we decided to give it a try, despite its higher price tag.

The Miracle of Purina Livewell

Today, Twig is over a year old and happily coexists with his two new adopted siblings. Purina Livewell has played a crucial role in reducing our allergic reactions to almost nothing. Our personal experience suggests an effectiveness rate of 85%, allowing Pete to manage his allergies with the help of an allergy pill. While Purina claims an average effectiveness of 45%, we believe it may be higher. Thanks to this amazing cat food and our remarkable feline companion, Pete has undergone a transformation and become a true cat person.

Our story serves as a testament to the power of love and the unexpected solutions that exist. In our case, Purina Livewell cat food has allowed us to keep our cherished feline companion despite Pete's severe allergies. While results may vary, it's worth exploring potential remedies to overcome cat allergies. Ultimately, a little determination and the right solution can transform what seems impossible into a reality filled with love, joy, and newfound appreciation for our feline friends.



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